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Services at Allorrina

Bridal studio Allorrina has knowledge and ability to give potential clients high quality personal service. Our staff are multiple trained.

Choosing the Design

Designer, tailor and beading specialist will help you to create your perfect wedding dress. We provide professional advice and guide you on your way to finalize your dream dress, (discussing different styles, shape, suitable materials and other what can have impact on your final decision.) There is no obligation for this session.

Looking for a custom dress?

The Dress

The Dress

Design studio producing, for every client, individual perfectly fitted pattern. Appreciating the clients wishes and expressed opinions, during fittings, we’re correcting all changes, improving the pattern to perfection.

Next step is to transfer the individual pattern onto the chosen material. Clients can choose material, lace, style of beading and embroidery etc. After a satisfactory fitting in material, it’s time to apply the chosen design.

The final fitting is the last step in this process. The wedding dress needs to be perfectly fitted accentuating the silhouette of the body. Every part of the wedding gown is then quality checked (material, sewing, beading, exposed threads, bustle and loops and pressing)

The Veil

The Veil

A wedding dress can be complemented with many adornments and one of these is accessorising the hair. Adornments for the hair can come in many forms. A beautiful veil, which once was traditionally worn so the groom couldn’t see his new bride’s face, has now become an important part enhancing a brides wedding dress.

Veil lengths vary from extremely long, cathedral to modern shoulder length. Your veil can have a raw edge finish, trimmed with ribbon, rolled or adorned with the most creative design of laces. Allorrina offers all clients the possibility to choose a veil that complements the final individual look.

Hair Pieces

Hair Pieces

Not all brides desire to wear a veil but chooses to have an elegant hair style instead. Allorrina design and produces contemporary hair pieces that compliment your unique wedding dress.  Head pieces can be made from lace, crystals, pearls flowers etc. You only need to express interest, Allorrina will create.

Men’s Ties

The matching coloured tie can be difficult to find, at Allorrina we can make a tie to match with the bride’s dress fabric. You will have an exclusive tie, your style.